Tracing, EntLib, Log4Net, NLog OH MY!

I received a question about if there was an appender for log4net which the answer is no.  The reason being is the trace listener can work with log4net as well as entlib and nlog.

What I did was create a very quick sample of using the trace listener for .NET Tracing, Enterprise Library, Log4Net and NLog.  This sample is not meant to show best practices (after all it is just a few buttons on a web form) but rather to show the configuration needed to use the Unified Logging trace listener in each of these logging frameworks.

Once you download the sample add your AccessKey and SecretKey from your Profile and update the initializeData for the trace listener in the web.config and in the entlib.config

initializeData=”AccessKey=, SecretKey=, SubmissionUrl=”

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