Test Drive Unified Logging with the Demo Account

While talking with a customer recently it was apparent that steps 10-100 were covered but steps 1-10 were not.

This post will show a simple demo of Unified Logging.

1) Visit the site http://demo.unifiedlogging.com/

– This site uses Unified Logging for multiple things such as what paint was purchased and errors

– Click around a bit

2) Go to https://portal.unifiedlogging.com

– Log in as user: demo with password: demo_123!
– Look at the Messages that were sent in as a result of clicking around
– Review the Indexes and see how they work.  Add/modify indexes and then go click around more and see what happens.
– Look at the Trends

3) Download the code for Pedro’s Paint Shop and see how the magic works.

– Note that the sample is in .NET MVC and uses Tracing.
– The project uses the Unified Logging NuGet package and has the listener defined in the web.config

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