Getting Started with Unified Logging WordPress Plugin

The WordPress plugin makes sending logging information from WordPress simple.  Ever wonder why your WordPress site is slow?, it could be a plugin you installed but without looking at the logging output you would not know.

  • If you do not have an account go sign up and get collecting
  • Start by downloading the WordPress plugin from
  • Install the plugin via the plugins page in your wordpress site
  • From your profile page get the Submission Url, Access Key and Secret Key
  • In the Unified Logging settings page enter your  Submission UrlAccess Key and Secret Key
  • Review the logging level
    • The default level is set to exclude E_NOTICE and E_DEPRECATED, we recommend this not be changed unless you are excluding more logging levels
    • If using earlier than PHP 5.3  E_NOTICE and E_STRICT will be excluded
    • Including more logging levels can cause your site to run slow because it is logging a lot
    • Many plugins and themes log a lot of E_NOTICE and E_DEPRECATED messages which is why they are excluded
    • More info on the levels can be found at:


  • Add a notification to the default Error index which a condition to notify once if matched within 5 minutes
  • Add a new notification index and type in the word “warning” with a condition to notify once if matched within 5 minutes

To Learn More About Indexes Visits These Posts

**This plugin will soon be on so you will be able to search and install from the plugin section of your site.

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