Deliver with Production Support Confidence

As many companies have learned when an application is put into production, support quickly becomes a higher priority.  When something does not work as expected is when things get interesting.

Do you know when something goes wrong?

How were you notified?  By a customer having an issue?

When software is being developed logging (using a variety of frameworks) is put in that should log errors, warning and information at a minimum.  This logging is the lifeline to proactive support when an application enters into production so make sure you get the long story and application support gets notified when they should be.

One of the many benefits of using Unified Logging is the separation between logging and notifications.  Let the application support engineers control when to be notified and leave the software engineers to instrumenting the code to log the long story.

For .NET applications Unified Logging ships a NuGet package which allows you to quickly add a trace listener to your application and start sending information. There are other connectors available and you can always build your own.

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