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UL To The Rescue in a Unlikely Likely Place

A consulting company who is beta testing Unified Logging is working with a local plumbing company and one day they mentioned a computer was giving them some headaches. The consultant decided to give the Unified Logging event log monitor a try to see what was going on.  Well, it worked perfectly; the consultant could tell […]

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Knowing In Under 60 Seconds

A web application that Unified Logging is monitoring is also using an uptime monitor.   Well, the uptime monitor sent a notification that the site was down and within the same minute an email came in from UL with the details to what happen. Pretty neat to connect the dots in under 60 seconds.

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TIP: Use Software That Works in Heterogeneous Environments

These days it is rare for companies to only have one technology vendor/framework/language so use technologies where you can that do not partition your company any more than it has to be. A great example is there may be a mobile application for iOS, Andriod and Windows Phone which talks different web services that the […]

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